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Frequently Asked Question

Most of the frequent asked questions in our field are as follows:

1 – How can I choose from the big variety of fax machines?
It depends on your needs.
If you have low or medium volume of receiving documents , also you don’t want to pay for expensive supplies , the thermal paper will be the optimum solution ( no ink and the thermal paper is inexpensive ) , but on the other hand , you have to copy all important documents as the documents fades out with time and light.
Also, If you want to get a machine which uses plain paper, and still not too expensive, the plain paper fax m/c using the film roller will be the second choice.
But if you have high volume of receiving documents, the optimum choice is a professional laser fax m/cs, also the quality of documents is much higher along with many features which minimizes the time of scanned documents, thus minimizing cost.

2 – How can I choose a PBX?
Essentially, the most important factor is how many CO and Extension lines I need in the present, and how much will I need in the future in case of expansion.
Of course it is better to choose one which satisfies my needs in the present and which could be expandable to my needs in the future by adding extra cards only in the future.

3 – Does the price include guarantee period?
Of course all our products are guaranteed for one year against manufacturer defects, during which, the maintenance is carried out free of charge.
Also, during the guarantee period, all amendments for programming, whether for PBX or fax and all repairs including spare parts defected are installed, all free of charge

4– How can I bye?
It’s simple. You can call us through our telephones (202)4502030 (10 Lines) , mobile No. (012)3911885,
our fax No. (02)4524142, or send to us via our Email address and we will send you our complete offer whether through fax or through our sales person.

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