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About US

We are not just a company for selling a wide variety of professional products and Hi-tech equipments, but most importantly, solving problems for their customers according to their needs.
The Office equipment includes the following items, which of course includes networking and installations. All our products are guaranteed for one year against manufacturer defects during which, the maintenance is carried out free of charge:

  1. Panasonic Telephone systems, from the smallest capacity to the largest highest most powerful advanced communication - IP technology systems - ( Hybrid IP PBX Systems) in the field of communications, to support today’s converged networking age.

  2. Panasonic fax machines, from the smallest least expensive using the thermal paper or normal paper to the most powerful multifunction heavy duty machines using the latest laser technology (UF series professional machines & KX series machines).

  3. Panasonic Plain paper copiers, from the small machines with moderate copying speed to the multiple functions higher speed.

  4. Panasonic Closed Circuit TV – CCTV .

  5. Panasonic Public Address (Sound systems) Also the company deals with the following professional equipment from many other International companies, very well known in this field worldwide.

  6. Professional sound and light equipment for closed and open theaters and Disco from the most popular and known companies in this field (Montarbo, Denon ……..etc).

  7. Motorola professional privacy Plus Trunked Radios for startsite and smartNet systems models GP240 and GP280 and all their accessories

  8. Networks, whether for one building or area, or for many buildings and many areas related together



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